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Cloud business

Find Your Path to the Cloud

White Paper: Redislabs

Enterprises are increasingly embracing the cloud to run their core mission-critical systems because of the operational simplicity, economics, and agility it offers. There are a variety of different paths to the cloud, including various migration methods and service providers.  As you journey to the cloud, it is important to select the path that matches your business goals. In this paper, we’ll dive into optimal cloud strategies and analyze what to look for when searching for a new provider.  Learn what path will lead your business to a successful cloud transition.  Top Reasons to Download: Understand which cloud strategy best fits your organization’s needs. When to migrate applications versus when to build cloud-native applications. How to leverage DbaaS to maximize operational simplicity, cost benefits, and release velocity. Understand when to graduate from open source databases to enterprise databases.

Cloud for Business Continuity: Separating Fact From Fiction

White Paper: Unitrends

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery were the most commonly cited reasons (60%) for having adopted Cloud-based solutions for backup and recovery. Enterprises acknowledge that cloud backups and recovery are required to maintain business operations and business continuity. The ability to recover data, when needed, in a cost effective manner was widely cited as one of the main criteria used to select a particular Cloud service. This whitepaper takes a look at both the advantages for those who have transitioned to cloud solutions and drawbacks for those who haven’t. Key takeaways from this whitepaper: Characteristics of today’s retention landscape Business Continuity, not simply Data Recovery, is the actual requirement Are Cloud-based backup & recovery solutions being used to address these needs? Benefits of using the cloud for backup, recovery and business continuity Criteria used to select Cloud solutions Hindrances to adoption of Cloud-based solutions for backup and recovery

5 Steps of Moving Apps to the Cloud

White Paper: AppNeta

Before migrating a business-critical application to the cloud, prepare up-front and keep the control you need throughout the process. With the right tools in place, moving an app-even a high-stakes business-critical app-to the cloud doesn’t have to be a shot in the dark. This whitepaper highlights the five steps you need to prepare for and move apps to the cloud using your performance monitoring tool. See What’s Already In Use- Change user behavior and usage policies for recreational SaaS apps Find Out How Apps Are Performing Now- Use performance monitoring Get a Handle on Bandwidth- Bring good end-user experience for critical applications Remember the Users- Investigate about users who are using the new SaaS service IT Team’s Work is Never Done- Make those SaaS investments worth the time and resources

Break Down Data Silos to Boost Your Competitive Advantage

White Paper: Deskera

Eliminating data silos with cloud-based business software can improve productivity, providing more accurate data, delivering better visibility, and reducing IT costs. Having different IT systems that can't communicate wrecks havoc across the organization has resulted in lower productivity, inaccurate and inconsistent data, poor insight and higher costs. What you will learn in this whitepaper? Improve your competitive advantage by learning how integrated, cloud-based business software eliminates data silos and how you can benefit from the ability to make better decisions that enhance your agility, boost customer satisfaction, and increase competitive advantage. What’s inside this whitepaper? The Trouble with Data Silos: How to tackle Lower Productivity, Inaccurate and Inconsistent Data, Poor Insight Reduce IT Costs: Companies that run siloed systems may face many unnecessary costs that includes Capital costs for hardware and software, Integration and upgrade costs. Accurate Data and Decisions: How to use integrated system to eliminate inaccuracies that come from manually rekeying data into different systems. Better Visibility and Insight into data: How to improve them through Integrated business software

Navigating the Cloud: Key Factors for Long Term Success

White Paper: Catapult Systems

To ensure long term success in the cloud, certain key factors must be followed and the enterprise can take advantage of the continuously expanding and changing computing space. While no IT manager will simply jump headlong into cloud deployment, many are likely to omit or under-utilize key factors that ensure near- and long-term success. Hence in order to have long term success in this complex area, you need to know: -What are the key factors involved in cloud computing for long term success? -What are the goals of the cloud initiative? What is the end-result that the organization is looking for? -What are the major security issues in cloud computing? -What are the advantages of cloud computing? Read this informative whitepaper that presents the success factors and discusses the best way to use them to build a foundation for engaging with the cloud that will serve the company now and in the future.

Three Strategic Reasons for Moving to Cloud ERP

White Paper: Kenandy

Moving to Cloud ERP system gives you a great avenue to rethink the way your company does business. Cloud-based ERP provides a platform ideal for global agility and empowers users to respond quickly in today’s global economy.   This white paper explains why manufacturing and product companies are primed to move their ERP systems to the cloud. Read this today to learn: The challenges product companies are facing today Three strategic reasons why product companies are moving to cloud ERP What you should expect from your ERP in the cloud today Why is it the  Time to Rethink Your ERP System and move to cloud ERP? Having your ERP system on the cloud gives you entirely new ways to cut costs, be more productive and make your customers happy. With a cloud-based ERP system, you’re energizing an entire community of experts around the world — your business partners — to make your enterprise more efficient.

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