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Dos and Don'ts of Evaluating and Deploying a CDN

White Paper: Limelight Networks

As businesses continue to expand their online reach globally, individual user experience is one of the most important factors for building audience satisfaction and driving revenue. But whether you are delivering videos, web content or even files, ensuring engaging online experiences from an increasing variety of devices around the world, is a huge challenge. Organizations have a number of methods for improving user experiences, one of which is leveraging a content delivery network (CDN). But not all CDNs deliver the same level of service. This guide will provide some tips on how to determine what is most important to your organization and how to choose a CDN that meets your needs. In this whitepaper you will learn:  ■ What to consider when evaluating content delivery solutions  ■ Why speed alone isn’t an accurate measure of performance  ■ How to decide what is most important to your organization

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