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ATM Management System

Automating ATM Cash Management

White Paper: AutoRek

How to Automate ATM Cash Management? Banks are still practicing manual accounting methodologies to settle their ATM transaction data as we proceed closer to industry 4.0. Processes usually have manual controls, internal uncontrolled interfaces, substandard information quality exacerbated by increasing volumes, and systems that are inflexible and don't support reconciliation and reportage needs.  Automated solutions enable banks to enhance customer satisfaction, reduce costs, generate incremental revenue and improve the efficiency of their self-service channel. ATM Cash reconciliation solutions leverage the settlement processes and confirm the operational stability through accurate matching of cash withdrawal, and cash replenishment at the client managed ATMs. This white paper introduces a cost effective, clear and actionable control regime to be put in place that fully supports– ATM cash management, reconciliation and reporting totally configurable to satisfy your specific business requirements, and also educates how to boost operational performance, mitigate risk and approach efficiencies, in a robustly controlled and auditable atmosphere. Read this whitepaper that will address the following questions: What are ATM reconciliation and cash management challenges? What is the AutoRek's approach to ATM cash management? How ATM cash management can be supported by implementing a cost effective, robust, automated control regime?

Delivering the Future of ATM Management Through Product Innovation Today

White Paper: TEKchand

While large financial institutions have the resources and IT departments to develop their own ATM technology path, many smaller-to-midsized credit unions and financial institutions depend on their transaction processor or ATM hardware manufacturer to deliver new ATM products and functionalities. After many trials and tribulations, change is finally entering the ATM channel to make life easier for ATM owners. Using a combination of vision, planning and dedication to detail, CO-OP Financial Services and TEKchand are working to make what was once a static cash-dispensing box, into a powerful and dynamic marketing communication vehicle.    

ATM remote management solutions

White Paper: TEKchand

To be best in class, an effective ATM remote management system has to clear various significant hurdles. While there are many ATM remote management solutions, very less offer the completeness, robust applications, ease of use, ATM-centric expertise and affordability of CO-OP ATM Visual Control. ATMs have always remained a significant piece of a credit union’s functionality, and play an essential role in offering convenience to members. This whitepaper highlights the importance of moving to true ATM Remote Management, ATM as a valuable asset to the credit union branch model and also explains the efficient management of the ATM fleet as a necessary duty. It discusses: Concept of CO-OP ATM Visual Control Three critical applications delivered by CO-OP ATM Visual Control Features and functionality for credit unions delivered by Remote Manager

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