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A Method for Detecting Domain Generation Algorithms (DGAs) Using Deep Learning and Signal Processing Techniques

White Paper: ENSIGN

Background Domain Generation Algorithm, otherwise known as DGA, remains a potent technique used by cyber actors in their malware attacks. It begins with an automation programme designed to generate names of domains in a specific fashion, providing instructions and receiving information from malware. The use of DGAs allow attackers to quickly switch domains during malware attacks and circumvent traditional rule/signature-based security appliances aimed at blacklisting such malicious domains. Since DGAs are built and designed to generate thousands of domains, and remain active only for a limited period of time, efforts to tackle them could at times prove futile. Blacklisting a static list of malicious domains is no longer sufficient, given the unpredictable/non-static nature of a DGA, and the sheer volume of domains it uses. To address such attacks, we infuse machine learning and deep learning approaches into our advanced cyber analytics capabilities. These techniques facilitate the detection of elusive random domains generated by the malware when it attempts to connect to the attacker from a compromised host. Our proprietary DGA detection model possesses the ability to sieve through large traffic to ascertain the presence of DGA traits. It also determines if successful communications to malicious domains were made.

Build Amazing Apps with Aurelia

White Paper: Belatrix Software

Aurelia is a forward-thinking technology targeting today`s mobile and browser environments. Aurelia helps organizations in creating and developing rich user experiences. Aurelia is a next generation Javascript framework – or in other words, it is a powerful open source framework to enable you to build amazing apps with optional commercial support. This whitepaper on Aurelia framework explains the basics of Aurelia, why there is need of a next-generation framework for Javascript, why Aurelia is worth a shot and how you can take advantage of it.

Migrating from Citrix XenApp (IMA / FMA) to Parallels Remote Application Server

White Paper: Parallels

This migration white paper explains how to migrate your Citrix XenApp application and virtual desktop delivery solution to Parallels Remote Application Server. It is written in an easy to follow, step-by-step format. This White Paper also Covers: Why Should You Migrate from Citrix XenApp to Parallels RAS? An overview on Migrating from Citrix XenApp to Parallels Understanding which Parallels components will replace the existing Citrix ones Publishing the Applications and Configuring User Privileges

Brocade Virtual Traffic Manager and Parallels Remote Application Server

White Paper: Parallels

The Brocade Virtual Traffic Manager and Parallels Remote Application Server Deployment White Paper describes the different ways of load-balancing different Parallels Remote Application Server (RAS) components. The guide also details the reference architecture of the Parallels RAS solution. Who Should Read This White Paper? This white paper is written for network operations professionals, server administrators, and DevOps professionals familiar with administering and managing application delivery controllers (ADCs), servers, and applications. What This White Paper Covers? Parallels Remote Application Server Architecture Deploying Virtual Traffic Manager for Parallels RAS Gateway Servers Microsoft IIS Architecture and Parallels RAS Web Portal Deploying Traffic Manager for IIS and Parallels RAS Web Portal Configuring Parallels Remote Application Server Access on Virtual Traffic Manager Step by step instructions on configuring Traffic Manager for Microsoft IIS suite

5 Ways to Keep IT Management Software From Becoming SHELFWARE

White Paper: Netreo

It’s all too common to see IT management software at the top of the heap for shelfware. We've been able to identify some of the leading causes that prompt companies to abandon these (often signi­ficant) software investments. 84% of companies are paying for SHELFWARE!! Read this whitepaper on “5 ways to keep your IT management software from becoming shelfware” that outlines the following 5 key pointers you can use to keep your IT management software investment producing positive returns: Too many alerts are worse than not enough in the new IT management software Don't make people go to multiple places to gather information Keep the interface simple and fast to avoid your IT managment software become shelfware Minimize administration from becoming shelfware Don't buy management software:How to ensure that IT management software purchases don’t become shelfware.  

Business Values Driving Business Applications With Real-Time Data

White Paper: BP Logix

This white paper explains how business values enable you to drive your business applications with real-time data Driving Business applications with real-time data bring a new dimension to business values in building business applications. BP Logix came up with the intelligent Business Process Management (BPM) solutions for rapid application development, through data obtained from System of Records and System of engagement. Configure the business value through existing resource. In this white paper on “Driving Business Applications with Real-Time Data,” discover more on driving real-time business data that will guide you on: Accessing systems of record from the resulting data to configuring appropriate information within a business application Using Data virtualization or Data Federation techniques to configure real-time data from System of Record Configuring to represent scalars or lists, and by combining business value properties with real-time data, can generate records and tables

10 Critical Insights into Application Programming Interface to Leverage the Value of Your Data

White Paper: OpenDataSoft

Understanding and offering Application Programming Interface (API) can be a challenge for business users. Over the past few years, Application Programming Interface has become a vector for the development of businesses and public institutions that cannot be ignored. This whitepaper unravels the ten critical insights to help you get the most out of Application Programming Interface in your data strategy. It also addresses questions like: What are the Application Programming Interface and Why they're Important? Why do you need an Application Programming Interface (API) proxy? What are the advantages of a reliable Application Programming Interface (API)? And what makes an API reliable? How can API expose data and services? What makes a great Application Programming Interface (API)? What is the best effective Application Programming Interface (API) strategy? How are web Application Programming Interface beneficial to web developers? Learn the best practices of Application Programming Interface (API) documentation and protocols and how it can be successfully applied to get the best out of your data.

Advantages of Model Driven Software Development

White Paper: SoftFluent

The objective of this white paper is to describe the software development challenge, clarify its root causes and show how SoftFluent addresses it through its CodeFluent Entities model-first software factory and associated methodology. Ultimately, the CodeFluent Entities approach is a robust and productive tool that enables successful software development projects to be achieved. Possibly, this approach is not unique, but this one has proved to be of great value to our customers so far. This White paper conclude in chapter 8 by exposing why model-first is so structurally important in finding the solution to the evolution challenge detailed in this white paper.

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