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SIP or VoIP phones: Key Considerations for Choosing SIP Phones

"SIP or VoIP phones: Key Considerations for Choosing SIP Phones"

Key Considerations for Choosing SIP Phones

White Paper: VTech

Deploying VoIP with SIP phones is important for a successful business since a VoIP phone solution consists of both working in tandem – the service itself and the SIP phones as endpoints to access the service.

Read this descriptive whitepaper that provides a roadmap for understanding how best to derive value from IP phones, especially when adopting a hosted VoIP phone service and what are the key qualities you should be looking for in a SIP phone vendor.

This whitepaper on “Key Considerations for Choosing SIP Phones” highlights how each trend plays into the decisions you’ll need to consider when moving to VoIP, including:

  • Mobility: SIP phones can provide sufficient mobility coverage for business telephony

  • BYOD: SIP phones helps in making VoIP a relatively low-risk investment

  • Cloud Communications: Ease of deploying VoIP with SIP phones

Download this whitepaper that articulates the value that SIP phones bring to the overall solution offered by hosted VoIP providers for SMBs. 

Key Considerations for Choosing SIP Phones
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