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"The Future of Cloud Communications in Australia"

What Does The Future Hold For Cloud Communications?

White Paper: Modality Systems

Control and security challenges will never disappear, but economies of scale are delivering an inevitable shift from on premises infrastructure to Cloud services. The idea of sourcing Unified Communications as a Cloud service is rapidly becoming main-stream, as the UC providers learn to integrate and bundle UC tools, and deliver them as a service.

So what exactly is driving Unified Communications into the Cloud?

In a nutshell, the Cloud is taking the technical difficulty out of UC. It enables UC providers to package them as a bespoke suite to serve the needs of specific customers. This whitepaper explores about the future of Cloud communications in Australia.

In this Cloud White Paper:

Enabling UC to deliver Workstream Collaboration

What is UCaaS?

Trends in Cloud UC over the Next 3-5 years

UCaaS Pain Points for Enterprise Customers



What Does The Future Hold For Cloud Communications?
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What is

What is Cloud Computing ?

A type of internet-based computing, Cloud computing refers to delivery of computing services over the internet or "the cloud" instead of using local storage and computing. The different computing services include servers, storage, databases, networking, software, applications, and analytics. Cloud computing eliminates the need for hardware acquisition, maintenance, installation of software.

What is Cloud security ?

A sub-domain of cyber-security, cloud security implies security of cloud computing infrastructure, applications, and data by applications of technologies and policies designed for the same.

What is Cloud Management ?

Cloud management is the management of cloud-computing based resources in all deployment models of cloud computing namely- Public cloud, private cloud, and hybrid cloud. A cloud management system is a combination of software and technology that has the ability to monitor security, manage tracking and resource allocation, provide uninterrupted access, etc.

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