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"Control Access to Ceph Storage Platform"

Control Access to Ceph Storage Platform Through EFFS Solution

Control Access to Ceph Storage Platform Through EFFS Solution

White Paper: Storage Made Easy

Ceph is a free software storage platform designed to present object, block, and store files from a single distributed computer cluster. Ceph Object Storage is deployable in a fully scalable highly available architecture.

But how can we extend the use of Ceph?

This whitepaper will guide you in taking control of access to Ceph and explores topics like:

  • Interacting easily with Ceph or share data using common protocols.

  • CIFS Drive Access into Ceph from any desktop.

  • Email integration with Ceph from Outlook/Mac Mail.

  • Unifying Ceph files and private data.

  • Search document content on files stored on Ceph.

  • Enabling key data to be archived to Ceph easily.

  • File sharing policies for Ceph.

  • Enabling sensitive data to be encrypted with a private key prior to being stored on Ceph.



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