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"Increase Performance & Profits through Purchasing Automation"

Discover How Companies Increase Performance and Profits through Purchasing Automation

Discover How Companies Increase Performance and Profits through Purchasing Automation

White Paper: Bellwether Software

Purchasing automation eliminates bottlenecks, increases buying power, reduces cycle time, improves inventory management & reduces rouge spending.

If your purchasing cycle is automated, the company can expect an improved bottom line, positive impact on corporate spend and purchasing decisions.

This whitepaper discusses about how and why to assess purchasing automation savings & solutions. It highlights:

  • Purchasing process flow quickly reveals inefficiencies

  • Boost profits by automating your purchasing functions

  • Guidelines for evaluating software options

  • The future of purchasing and supply

  • Purchasing, a vital company function

Within the purchasing function, business has a great opportunity to implement cost reduction in a major spend area and move into the 21st century. If you have not yet automated your purchasing function, now is really the time.

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What is

What is Profitability ?

Profitability serves as a measurement of efficiency, and a guide to further improvement. It is critical in determining a firm’s overall health, in terms of revenues and profits. It can be defined as the capacity to generate profit from all the aspects of a business; illustrating how proficient the management is in yielding revenue by employing available resources.

What is Procurement Operations ?

Procurement operations, as the name suggests is the act of procuring or obtaining goods and services. The process can entail preparation, like, homework and research, and dealing with the requirement, in addition to, handling end receipt and payment approval. Though it sounds easy, one should not forget that the act of procuring for a company demands meticulous processing. It is important that the funds, both public and corporate, are managed responsibly, irrespective of the economic situation. Though serving an essential role in company operations, procurement operation can be misjudged and misquoted under maintenance and strategic planning.

What is Automation ?

The technique of operating or controlling a process with the help of automatic equipment can be defined as automation. In other words, use of technological applications to oversee and manage a production process. Automation is used in all kinds of industry, namely, manufacturing (pharmaceutical, food industry, or petroleum), transportation, utilities (electricity, water, and gas), defense, and facility operations, like security, or energy management.

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