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"Engaged Knowledge Management"

Knowledge Management and Efficiency Gains: How maximum value can be extracted from a life sciences organization’s primary asset - knowledge.

White Paper: IDBS

Knowledge is among the most valuable strategic assets in the life science organizations today. Exploiting the research information to effectively turn it into knowledge is crucial in the competitive environment of life sciences industry.

Electronic Lab Notebooks (ELNs) offer an effective knowledge capture and data management solution for today’s information-rich laboratories. But how maximum value can be extracted from a life sciences organization’s primary asset – knowledge?

This whitepaper provides the organizations with secure knowledge management that can be accessed and shared with ease. It includes:

  • Capture, protect and exploit corporate knowledge

  • Increasing efficiency and productivity with ELNs

  • Return on Investment (ROI) of an ELN

It also fulfils each researcher’s requirements of an Electronic Lab Notebooks in one application, minimizing IT support and protecting corporate knowledge in a fully compliant environment.

Knowledge Management and Efficiency Gains: How maximum value can be extracted from a life sciences organization’s primary asset - knowledge.
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