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Four key pillars necessary to ensure competitive relevance in next five years

"Four key pillars necessary to ensure competitive relevance in next five years"

4 Pillars Pharma Distributors Can Stand On

White Paper: Iptor Supply Chain Systems

To say competition in the pharmaceutical industry is fierce would be an understatement as the current trends in healthcare demands more from the supply chain partners. There is a pressing need for a more powerful, intuitive enterprise pharma solution.

The pharma solutions are not only presented in response to current trends generally, but are also practical, affordable and available now.

This whitepaper discusses the following four key pillars necessary to ensure competitive relevance in the pharmaceutical industry over the following five years:

  • An intuitive enterprise solution for a pharma distribution center

  • A reliable ordering process that hit pharma DCs every business day

  • Specialized warehouse capabilities to rapidly respond to changing global pharmaceutical emergencies

  • End-to-end track-and-trace technology along the supply chain

4 Pillars Pharma Distributors Can Stand On
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