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Enterprise IoT: Strategies and Best Practices for Connected Products and Services

"Enterprise IoT: Strategies and Best Practices for Connected Products and Services"

Monetization Strategies for Connected Products

White Paper: Exosite

Explore how to drive maximum revenue from connected-product deployments.

The Internet of Things is having a significant impact on the creation of new products and services. But to generate new revenue from IoT, companies need to transform the information from smart, connected products into services. Hence the focus should be on value creation to get maximum revenue for connected product deployments.
Considering an example of original equipment manufacturers (OEMs),  they often face
complicated marketplace to track, monitor and control devices remotely. In order to remain successful, OEMs must be prepared to embrace the new connected normal in their future product offerings. Making an investment in a connected product offering is an investment for future. In order to make this successful, it is important to intertwine product performance with an objective to revolutionize the company and the industry based on data analytics.

This white paper highlights:

•  How to capitalize on the value of data

•  Creating new revenue streams and lean operational efficiencies

•  Strong competitive positioning and sticky brand loyalty

•  Faster time to market and quantifiable product quality

•  Relevant customer service and insight


Monetization Strategies for Connected Products
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What is

What is Internet of Things ?

Internet of things Global Standard Initiative defines it as “as a global infrastructure for the information society, enabling advanced services by interconnecting (physical and virtual) things based on existing and evolving interoperable information and communication technologies.” Research firm Gartner for 2017 and beyond states an estimate that by 2020 there will be as many as 20.8 billion devices connected to the internet and hardware spending on IoT would amount more than 3 trillion dollars.

What is intercloud ?

Intercloud is a network of clouds that are linked with each other. This includes private, public, and hybrid clouds that come together to provide a seamless exchange of data. The concept of Intercloud was introduced as a research project in 2008 at Cisco, which was later developed by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE).

What is IOT Privacy ?

As of today, IoT or Internet of Things is more than just an idea being worked upon. It has already pervaded the life of every individual in several fields including transportation, home, lifestyle, environment, and healthcare monitoring. IoT is an added value service which allows users to make informed decisions, thereby, improving the quality of life and create more opportunities by collecting relevant data of the user. And in this point lies the snag.

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