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"Inflection Points: Seizing The Moments In Customer Loyalty"

Inflection points key to driving brand loyalty

White Paper: AIMIA

In today’s recovering global economy, identifying and positively influencing these loyalty moments of truth- the inflection points, has become our singular challenge.

Every customer interaction can make or break the relationship with your brand - from the first encounter with your brand, through the first purchase, at each touch point one encounters in your loyalty program, and into each post-purchase service encounter.

In this whitepaper, recognize the most important inflection points along your customer journey from curious newcomers to brand loyalists.

It addresses key questions like:

  • What are the 10 most important loyalty moments of truth?

  • How to identify and act on these inflection points with relationship-saving tactics?

  • What are the guidelines for getting them right?

  • What are the ways with which you can help foster customer advocacy?

  • How to avoid dropping the ball with inflection points?

  • What are the best practices to receive the full benefit of increased loyalty through the redemption experience?

Inflection points key to driving brand loyalty
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