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Smart Cities, Smarter Citizens

"Smart Cities, Smarter Citizens"

A-Z guide to Smart City Initiatives

A-Z guide to Smart City Initiatives

White Paper: PTC

Urbanization is not a recent phenomenon. The migration of people from rural to urban areas has been going on for millennia. But what is different today is the speed and scale of that migration.  

According to a United Nations report, by 2050 two-thirds of humanity will live in more than 40 mega-cities of 10 million people each. Cities will have to improve efficiency and reduce expenditures through new technologies and other means.

Global companies are looking to transform major cities through advanced computer technologies, sensors, high-speed data networks, predictive analytics, big data, and the IoT.

Before a city begins a smart city initiative, its leaders need to identify the challenges the city faces and must be ready to look at the way its systems, services, policies, and procedures are working. The right technology solutions will help to focus on addressing the challenges defined by city's unique nature.

Download the guide now to discover:

  • How will newer cities acquire the resources necessary for supporting large populations?

  • How can data science be used to solve urban problems?

  • What is the role of citizens in smart cities?

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What is

What is Cloud infrastructure ?

Cloud infrastructure consists of back-end elements primarily comprising of server hardware components, virtual machines, storage and networking facilities, and software that provide access to the cloud for applications and other services. It can also refer to on-demand service delivered through the Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) model.

What is IoT platform ?

While the Internet of Things (IoT) is a network of devices that is rooted with software, electronics, actuators and sensors that enables objects to connect and exchange data, the Internet of Things (IoT) platform is what makes IoT happen for the devices. IoT platform is an application that connects IoT with cloud and the output devices corresponding to it.

What is Smart City ?

Smart cities are high-tech cities, which have its key infrastructure based on Information and communication technologies that help to establish a quality atmosphere for its residents. And by the advent of cloud, automation big data, machine learning, Artificial intelligence, and internet of things every country is rooting up for enabling smart cities for providing a quality atmosphere to their citizens and promoting their country to next level.

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