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"The Future of Retail"

The Future of Retail

The Future of Retail

White Paper: Webgains

Executive Summary

The events of the past two-and-a-half years have reformed the vision for the future of retail and how businesses need to maintain a close relationship with their customer, in order to survive and come out on top. Never has the gap between retailers and consumers been so slight. The feeling across the board is one of hope and resilience, with a shared understanding of the importance of innovation. The Future of Retail white paper provides fascinating insights into how the world of retail is coping and will adjust in a post-pandemic future.

Within this report, gain insight into how global behemoths like Alibaba are adjusting to the ‘new normal’ through leveraging omnichannel strategy with their Mom and Pop stores. Discover how Gen-Z are voting with their wallet and challenging retailers that are lacking in their approach to ethics and sustainability. Read how the high street of the future will serve many needs, not least as hubs for various communities but where people will still gather and meet for that all important real life human connection. This report also covers the advancements in seamless transaction and the rapid rise of the digital wallet, thus shifting attitudes towards models such as Buy Now, Pay Later, and the effort to deliver to the last mile. From covering these vast topics, one thing remained clear; the brutal nature of various lockdowns, restrictions and economic uncertainty has separated the DNVBs and retailers who were quick to adapt from those who lacked vision and an urgency to change tack. It is evident that relevancy is one of the key indicators to success within a post-pandemic world.

Mumtaz Khamker, Global Head of Strategic Growth at Webgains Ltd.

The Age of OmniChannel
As the world regroups post-2020, we are seeing a shift in the way retail operates with an accelerated integration of digital. Here at Webgains, we have supported many small businesses to pivot and compete against much larger brands. These scaleups thrive by focusing simply on service, delivery and content. By integrating affiliate marketing into their strategy, our brands discovered that they were able to adapt and remain active during a time of intense doubt and uncertainty. By embracing and utilising the vast revenue streams digital commerce has to offer, our clients were able to build upon their brand presence and generate revenue without the need for a physical presence on the high street. This is demonstrated by DNVBs such as Boohoo and ASOS, acquiring the rights to long-standing high street giants. A scenario many wouldn’t have seen coming, certainly not in this decade. It is a prime example of how a willingness to bake omnichannels into your strategy will ensure relevance and longevity.

Within our first topic of the Future of Retail report, we explore the key drivers which will aid in the survival of commerce and pave the way for a new type of retail.


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