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"Reference Data Management in Financial Services Industry"

Securities Reference Data Management: A Trend Towards Outsourcing?

White Paper: Kurt Salmon

Securities reference data management is evolving from a necessary and often ignored cost to support operations to a central and vital role within the organization. Reference data management (RDM) is an increasingly important process in financial institutions.

Securities reference data management is considered to be highly critical for the business of custodians.

Read this whitepaper to know the best practices for achieving your securities reference data management project is not to go for a revolution, but to evolve to the final model in a step by step approach.

Key takeaways from this whitepaper on “Securities Reference Data Management: A Trend towards Outsourcing?” are:

  • Challenges faced by financial institutions in terms of Reference Data Management

  • The alternative approaches for securities reference data management

  • Can securities reference data management be outsourced?

  • Positioning of reference data management services regarding outsourcing

Securities Reference Data Management: A Trend Towards Outsourcing?
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