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"Serialization Implementation and Operations for DSCSA"

Implementing a Serialization Project Post DSCSA

Implementing a Serialization Project Post DSCSA

White Paper: DMLogic

Implementing a Serialization Project Post DSCSA

With growing concern surrounding the integrity of the pharmaceutical supply chain, many companies have chosen to implement serialization method to prevent counterfeit drugs from reaching market.To conform with the new DSCSA, manufacturers are making an investment in the systems, equipment and processes to ensure that their drugs are serialized at every stage of the supply chain.

The only way to counteract the distribution of falsified medicines is the reliable serialization and labeling systems of pharmaceutical products that can put an end to the very serious global trade in illegal drugs.

This whitepaper gives you insights on overcoming the practical challenges of pharmaceutical serialization, best practice deployment and achieving business benefits.

Download the guide now to discover:

  • How serialization will address issues in the integrity of the supply chain?​

  • How reliable serialization and labeling systems of pharmaceutical products can put an end to the very serious global trade in illegal drugs?​

  • Understand how serialization will affect operations?​

  • What are the challenges of serialization?

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