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"Improve security of corporate SharePoint/Microsoft Office 365 data"

Using Microsoft Office365 and SharePoint With Secure Audited Controls

Using Microsoft Office365 and SharePoint With Secure Audited Controls

White Paper: Storage Made Easy

Microsoft SharePoint and Office365 are one of the foremost deployed Intranet and Internet solutions for document collaboration in the world.

By Adding a ‘Cloud Control solution’ to SharePoint & Office 365 environments, you can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Secure files: Improve security of corporate SharePoint/Office 365 data

  • Track use: Audit Watch on files for real time activity on any file or combination of files

  • Control using policies

  • Inform the Business/IT

This whitepaper explores the SharePoint and Office365 in 5 critical areas:

  • Enabling sensitive data to be encrypted

  • Enabling key SharePoint data or Office 365 data to be backed up

  • Full file event auditing for all Office 365 / SharePoint file events.

  • Enabling share data to have file sharing policies

  • Audit Watch: Track real time activity of any file or even a folder stored on SharePoint/Office365.

This whitepaper provides insights into how the Storage Made Easy Cloud Control solution can help secure Microsoft SharePoint, Office365 and other company data stores.

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