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"Food & Beverage Distributor Changing Table Stakes"

Changing Table Stakes Every Food & Beverage Distributor Should Know

White Paper: Iptor Supply Chain Systems

The Food & Beverage landscape has changed dramatically in the past 5-to-10 years and in order to compete, the Food & Beverage distribution companies must constantly uncover new ways to improve efficiency, manage cost and add value to their customers or fade into irrelevancy.

This whitepaper focuses on the 5 trends shaping the supply chain industry for food & beverage distributors and what successful food distribution companies are doing to stay one step ahead of them.

  • Urbanization: New “table stakes” for food industry suppliers

  • What’s Local is Global: Strain Food & Beverage distributors to reach deeper across supply lines globally

  • Necessity, the Mother of Invention: How to survive in the Food & Beverage industry

  • Let’s All Eat Out Tonight: Importance of investing in people, process and technology improvements valued by customers

  • The Invisible “Partner” in the Room: Public safety- a key concern in the Food & Beverage supply chain

Changing Table Stakes Every Food & Beverage Distributor Should Know
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