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"The Current State of Field Service During COVID-19"

The Current State of Field Service During COVID-19

The Current State of Field Service During COVID-19

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Field Service Management

COVID-19 has ushered in a new world for everyone. For one of the few times in recent history, the whole world has to face a challenge that truly affects every person’s life. Masks, tests, hand sanitizers, and other items have become a daily discussion point on social media, news, and conversation. Zoom calls and Microsoft Team meetings have replaced the “water cooler” chats. Many offices have been replaced by kitchen tables, back porches, and in some cases, the living room couch.

These are just a few of the types of impacts we are all feeling personally. From a “business” perspective, we have more complex issues such as tight supply chains, liability, safety ( of both employees and customers ), along with another host of new complexities.

What's Happening in the Field?

One field that has been adversely affected by the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic is field service management. At the moment, most field service organizations are faced with a major challenge of how to provide excellent customer service while prioritizing customer and team member safety. In thinking through the current situation and making efforts to plan, it is important that these organizations have a clear understanding of some of the safeguards, that can be undertaken to counter these challenges, and opportunities ahead.

Field service, by nature, involves interaction between a customer who requires service and a field technician who performs that service. The COVID-19 pandemic has presented challenges for the field service industry, who have to stay in business as “essential” business partners. Here are some of the challenges of field service during the COVID-19 global pandemic.

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