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"FSM Software Disruption and Selection Challenges in 2017"

Disruption in the Field Service Software Space and Challenges to Software Selection

White Paper: Jolt Consulting Group

Service companies are increasingly investing in field service management (FSM) technologies.

The FSM software landscape provides an overwhelming number of options and is rapidly changing due to acquisitions and investments in the FSM software space.

This is causing challenges to identify and select the most appropriate FSM software for a service company’s specific needs and objectives.

Field Service Software Industry Disruption and Technology Selection Challenges outlines the FSM industry changes and provides recommendations to address the key technology selection challenges service organizations face. 


Disruption in the Field Service Software Space and Challenges to Software Selection
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Empowering Service Excellence

The field service technology industry is undergoing a paradigm shift from a traditional on premise application model to a cloud preferred delivery model. Businesses are leveraging an array of advanced technologies like cloud computing, Internet of Things (IoT), and enterprise mobility to provide visibility and control that organizations need to drive deeper customer engagement and improved operational efficiency. While more options for service and support continue to storm the field service arena, Jolt Consulting Group, a New York-based management and technology consulting company continues their leadership position in aiding service organizations make sense of it all. Jolt provides business and technology services for organizations in the field service management ecosystem, enabling service-based companies to better understand their customers, optimize processes, accelerate growth, and select and implement an array of field service technologies.

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