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"What institutions need to know about the online student identification and verification?"

Student ID Verification: What Institutions Need To Know

Student ID Verification: What Institutions Need To Know

White Paper: Biometric Signature ID

Student Identification and verification is defined as the verification of identity is in person or remote (meaning from a computer or portable device) which is usually accomplished by the use of biometric credentials.

This informative whitepaper brings you:

  • What institutions need to know about the online student identification and verification

  • Lack of compliance for student identification in present day environment

  • New regulations on student identity verification

  • Differences between academic integrity, student identity verification and financial aid fraud

  • Meeting compliance using best practices for student identification and verification

Download this whitepaper to learn more about the student identity and verification methods which reduces the risk by providing the industry’s most complete solution for student ID authentication.

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