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"Local Content Delivery: Benefits the Entire Value Chain"

The Evolution to Local Content Delivery

White Paper: PeerApp

Local content delivery is advancing to go beyond content caching to include other capabilities that optimizes network for quality and cost. Local content delivery offers an open CDN-like layer that sits within and augments next generation broadband networks, resolving the performance and scale bottlenecks seen in today’s global content delivery platform.

Read this “The Evolution to Local Content Delivery” whitepaper that will give you everything you need to get started with the local content delivery solutions that offers an open platform augmenting broadband networks to accelerate Internet content delivery.

What this whitepaper covers?

  • Local Content Delivery: Benefits the Entire Value Chain

  • Local Content Delivery: A Platform that Supports Market Evolution

  • Local Content Delivery: Basis for monetization of OTT traffic

The Evolution to Local Content Delivery
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