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"Enabling the Potential of Network Funtion Virtualization"

NFV Applications - Key Considerations for Profitability

NFV Applications - Key Considerations for Profitability

White Paper: Dialogic

Implementation of Network Function Virtualization (NFV) applications with maximum profitability requires you to address questions like:

How to minimize the cost of the NFV implementation and the associated risk?

What primary factors drive the company’s interest in NFV?

How to manage virtual network appliances while ensuring security from attack and misconfiguration?

What key factors should be considered for lowering risk to the business, high service availability and faster time-to market?

Communications Service Providers should consider some guiding principles that can help maximize the profitability in the deployment of Virtualized Network Functions (VNFs).

This insightful whitepaper on Network Function Virtualization has all the answers that cover:
• The Current State and Industry Expectations of Network Function Virtualization
• Architecting and implementation of NFV applications for maximum profitability
• Key Architectural Principals to Guide NFV Deployment
• Virtualized Network Functions (VNF) Implementation Examples

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