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Returns on Investment

Two years of upheaval have shown us how important it is to respond swiftly to evolving customer demands

White Paper: Lightspeed

Two years of upheaval have shown us how important it is to respond swiftly to evolving customer demands. Unfortunately, many businesses are still unprepared for these changes, due in large part to legacy tools that restrict adaptability. And as the retail giants of the world race ahead, small- and medium-sized retailers are being left behind. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Thanks to continued development in retail technology, independent businesses can revolutionize their customer experience without breaking the bank. Retailers need to look to the future by adopting the digital strategies that have kept industry leaders selling through two years of challenges. This playbook walks through how to hedge a retail business against challenges with new technology, enabling retailers to expand their reach into customers’ homes and creating stronger relationships in the process.

The Total Economic Impact of Saama Fluid Analytics

White Paper: Saama Technologies

This Total Economic Impact (TEI) study was conducted to examine the potential return on investment (ROI) enterprises may realize by deploying Fluid Analytics which is commissioned by Saama technologies and delivered by Forrester Consulting. Fluid Analytics enables organizations to inherently accelerate their time-to-value on analytics and BI initiatives by building out their very particular modern analytics platform or system of insight as well as unlocking valuable customer data. This Whitepaper from Saama Technologies on ‘’The Total Economic Impact of Saama Fluid Analytics’’ highlights: •An Overview of Saama Fluid Analytics •What are the risks involved in the Fluid Analytics Implementation that can  affect financial costs • Four components of Total Economic Impact methodology to evaluate investment value •Determining the costs associated with the Fluid Analytics solution through  economic impact study Download this whitepaper that represents multistep approach taken by Forrester for the ''Total Economic Impact analysis'' which examines the potential return on investment (ROI) that enterprises can achieve by deploying Saama Fluid Analytics Engine.  

Gamification & Game-Based Learning

White Paper: cd2 Learning

The return on investment of training with gamification is better than from presentations, print materials,and even videos; so why not maximize that ROI from the start? There are many reasons that gamification, including gamebased learning, are successfully used in training today.Game-based learning also allows users to play or try more than once to achieve a goal. Repeated retrievaland spaced repetition are scientific principles proven to change behavior. In education this is referred to as reinforcement of learning through practice. This whitepaper will give you insight on : How does gamification work for businesses? How Game based learning Can Help Drive Employee Engagement ? Does gamification really work?

NFV Applications - Key Considerations for Profitability

White Paper: Dialogic

Implementation of Network Function Virtualization (NFV) applications with maximum profitability requires you to address questions like: How to minimize the cost of the NFV implementation and the associated risk? What primary factors drive the company’s interest in NFV? How to manage virtual network appliances while ensuring security from attack and misconfiguration? What key factors should be considered for lowering risk to the business, high service availability and faster time-to market? Communications Service Providers should consider some guiding principles that can help maximize the profitability in the deployment of Virtualized Network Functions (VNFs). This insightful whitepaper on Network Function Virtualization has all the answers that cover: • The Current State and Industry Expectations of Network Function Virtualization • Architecting and implementation of NFV applications for maximum profitability • Key Architectural Principals to Guide NFV Deployment • Virtualized Network Functions (VNF) Implementation Examples

Pay Now or Pay Later:The Case for Investing in Contractor Qualification & Management

White Paper: BROWZ

Though it might seem cost-effective in the beginning, hiring the wrong contractors could turn out to be extremely expensive in the long run. Without proper screening of contractors, you could be hiring unqualified, uninsured, and unsafe workers. This may lead to an accident occurring at the work-site which could lead to a string of problems and uncertain legal and economic consequences. Download our FREE white paper to learn more about: -Assessing the economic value of a contractor qualification and management solution. -Business conditions that make contractor qualification an imperative for many businesses, including the expected costs associated. -Potential direct and indirect costs of “doing nothing”; that is, deciding against an investment in contractor qualification. -How to outsource contractor qualification to a vendor.

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