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The Power of the Platform in Smart Cities

"The Power of the Platform in Smart Cities"

The Importance of IoT platforms to develop a Smart City Ecosystem

White Paper: PTC

Cities are transforming from digital cities to smart cities. A city becomes "smart" when it harnesses the data from smart devices, networks, cloud infrastructure, and applications & analytics to develop new insights as well as new products and services. 

Smart cities require collaboration between public and private sectors in order to create new business models. Having a Smart City Platform as a control panel for integrating city services helps cities deploy integrated smart city solutions to accelerate sustainable economic growth and create safer and more efficient cities.

This IDC Technology Spotlight whitepaper explores how smart city platforms are essential for integrating smart technologies, the importance of smart city platforms as a key mechanism to integrate smart technologies and the challenges behind the implementation of smart cities infrastructure.

Download the guide now to discover:

  • What is a Smart City Platform?

  • How can Smart City Platforms help solve big urban challenges?

  • Key considerations to achieve full Smart City Platform implementations

  • Fundamental challenges in smart city deployments

The Importance of IoT platforms to develop a Smart City Ecosystem
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