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"Successful Managed Security considerations for enterprise IT decisions"

Overly Managed Security

Overly Managed Security

White Paper: ReliaQuest

In today’s world of never-ending cybersecurity threats, companies need to be greater diligent than ever in protecting their data from external and internal threats. How an enterprise responds to a breach is critical – the truth is an ill-conceived response strategy can have long-term, damaging consequences for an enterprise. Cyber incidents and their response must usually be regarded holistically and not just as a digital or technology issue. A coordinated response needs to include technical expertise, legal knowledge, and public relations, and companies must have an incident response plan in the region before any breach happens. It is impossible to prevent all cyber incidents, but an organization can manage their reaction and reduce fall-out.

This white paper contains valuable insights into the evolving threat landscape and includes recommendations that will help you be better prepared for the security challenges your organization faces now and in the future.

Download the guide now to discover:

  • What are the new approaches to security that makes the best use of tools and individuals?

  • What are the challenges of designing technology products that must utilize one code-base to solve problems for many organizations?

  • Why the existing security teams can’t perform to their fullest capabilities?

  • An examination of the typical security considerations for enterprise IT decisions

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