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"Information Security products and services for businesses"

An Introduction to Information Security

An Introduction to Information Security

White Paper: GlobalLogic

As trends such as machine-to-machine connectivity, smart devices, social networks, and migrating to the cloud progress, there is a growing concern around the compromise of privacy and data security. Even government and commercial organizations are threatened by sophisticated intrusion tactics. There is now a growing need to gather and analyze data on potential security risks through advanced measures.
Not only will the demand for security-related products in the market rise, but commercial and enterprise products will themselves need to be designed with security as an important consideration. As a product R&D services provider, GlobalLogic is intimate with these requirements and has established the required leadership, processes, and technologies to help our customers address these issues.
We have written this white paper in order to provide a high-level description of the current security environment, including the various aspects of this domain and how they interact. 

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