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"AI for industrial cameras"

AI for industrial cameras

AI for industrial cameras

White Paper: IDS

Deep learning opens up new fields of application for industrial image processing, which previously could only be solved with great effort or not at all. The new, fundamentally different approach to classical image processing causes new challenges for users – it’s necessary to think differently. Therefore, IDS presents an all-in-one embedded vision solution with which every user can implement AI-based image processing in just a few steps without programming knowledge, and execute a neural net directly on an industrial camera. This makes deep learning particularly user-friendly.

Computer vision and image processing have become indispensable tools in various application fields. Image processing systems are increasingly confronted with a constantly growing variety of products and variants and organic objects such as fruit, vegetables or plants. Conventional approaches with rule-based image processing quickly reach their limits if the image data to be analyzed varies too frequently and the differences are difficult or impossible to describe using algorithms. In such cases, a robust automation is not feasible due to an inflexible set of rules, even if the task is supposed to be easy for humans to solve. As an example, a child is able to recognize a car even if it has never seen the special model before. It is sufficient if the child has seen enough other car models previously.

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