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A Primer on Kubernetes [White Paper]

"A Primer on Kubernetes [White Paper]"

A Kubernetes Primer

White Paper: CoreOS

Kubernetes is Google’s third container management system that helps manage distributed, containerized applications at massive scale.

Kubernetes automates container configuration, simplifying scaling, and managing resource allocation. It comprises a rich set of complex features, and understanding this new platform is critical to the future of your organization.

Kubernetes also manages their lifecycles, and maintains and tracks resource allocation in a cluster of servers.

This whitepaper provides insights on how to address these challenges, as many organizations are now turning to Kubernetes to help orchestrate and manage their containers in production, development and test environments.

Inside this Kubernetes White Paper:

Kubernetes as container orchestration

Basic Kubernetes architecture

The benefits of Kubernetes

What to consider when deploying Kubernetes

A Kubernetes Primer
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