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"Evaluating Your Wellbeing Platform"

Evaluating Your Wellbeing Platform

Evaluating Your Wellbeing Platform

White Paper: Synegry Health


There seems to be an influx of online workplace wellbeing initiatives coming into the marketplace. This has been driven by organisations wanting to take a proactive approach in response to COVID-19.

Organisations understand that employees’ wellbeing is being compromised as they have become more isolated, had to adapt to new ways of working / living, and in some instances, coping with new financial pressures.

Proactive organisations understand that their employees are likely to become increasingly sedentary, their eating habits are likely to change, and their sleep could become compromised due to the increase in stress and anxiety.

With an influx of online wellbeing offerings, it is important for organisations to know that not all wellbeing platforms are the same.

To truly have an impact on behaviour, organisations must treat wellbeing like any other behaviour change initiative. A more strategic, long term approach must be taken rather than ad hoc one-off programs.

With the increasing rate of technological development, platforms are becoming more sophisticated, easier to implement and are achieving better outcomes in the short term and long term, for both organisations and their employees.

Before signing up to an online wellbeing initiative, ask the following questions to help ensure you are getting a platform that is going to meet your organisations current and future

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