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"Understanding The Fda's Changes To Nutrients, Nutrition Facts Labels"

Cutting through Labeling Confusion: A Guide For Understanding The Fda's Changes To Nutrients, Daily Values, And Formatting Of Nutrition Facts Labels

White Paper: ESHA Research

Now is the time to act to ensure a thoughtful approach to the FDA nutrition facts label change. There have been many significant updates to nutrition labels and daily values.

Why to update the Nutrition Facts Label?

•Reflects updated scientific information and has a fresh design, including the link between diet, chronic diseases, and public health

•Format draws attention to calories and serving sizes, two important elements in making healthier food choices

•Updated serving sizes are needed to reflect changes in amounts of foods consumed

This whitepaper:

  • Helps the food industry in understanding the FDA’s changes to the Nutrition Facts and Supplement Facts labels

  • Highlights some of the important changes between the pre-existing and the new label nutrients and Daily Values

  • Explains how food products will appear to consumers and manufacturers will want to consider the nutrition label changes closely as they decide whether to reformulate their products

Cutting through Labeling Confusion: A Guide For Understanding The Fda's Changes To Nutrients, Daily Values, And Formatting Of Nutrition Facts Labels
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