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Federal Government Data Center Modernization

"Federal Government Data Center Modernization"

Considerations for Modernizing the Government Data Center

White Paper: Avere Systems

Modernizing federal government IT data center infrastructure is important to long-term sustainability of critical programs, services, and innovation.
CTOs, CIOs, Chief Data Officers and IT directors of federal agencies face the difficult challenges of delivering more IT infrastructure and services with critically limited staffing and budget resources.

This whitepaper explains some of the foremost technical, business, and regulatory issues affecting IT organizations and suggests a prudent and effective approach to tackling those challenges. It discusses:

  • Exponential Data Growth and Broadened Security

  • Drivers of Federal Infrastructure Modernization

  • Adopting a High-performance Hybrid File System

  • Unique Federal Requirements

  • Modernizations and Cloud Readiness Without Infrastructure Overhaul

Considerations for Modernizing the Government Data Center
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