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"The role of R, Hadoop and PMML in the mainstreaming of predictive analytics"

Standards in Predictive Analytics:The Role of R, Hadoop and PMML

Standards in Predictive Analytics:The Role of R, Hadoop and PMML

White Paper:

Predictive analytic Standards are playing a central role in creating ecosystem that supports current and future needs for broad, real time use of predictive analytics in the era of big data.

Predictive analytic standards help organizations institutionalize predictive analytics by simplifying user experience in turn enhancing adoption, encouraging utilization and establishing a culture of insight driven decision making at all levels.

Predictive analytics is becoming the mainstream of most companies, most organizations making it as a part of their overall organization. 

This descriptive whitepaper mainly focus on three important insights of standards in predictive analytics:

• The rate of R in broadening the predictive analytics ecosystem
• The role of Hadoop in handling big data for predictive analytics
• The role of PMML in moving to real time predictive analytics

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