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"Strengths & Weaknesses of Major Outsourcing Markets"

Competitive Advantages of Outsourcing to India

Competitive Advantages of Outsourcing to India

White Paper: Systech

The main aim of this research paper is to understand the term “ Offshore Outsourcing ” and to realize the worth of Offshore Outsourcing, which stands of prime importance for every organization in U.S.A today. This white paper discusses how outsourcing has grown from just a business aid into a
complete business in itself.

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Building Sales & Operations Planning (S&O)  around a “Plan, Do, Check and Act” (PDCA) process represents a proven way to align financial goals with operational reality. Unless you develop a sound Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) process based on a PDCA methodology, your struggle to meet projections will continue to persist. What are you doing to improve your sales and operations planning process? This whitepaper outlines how to build and improve S&OP around PDCA by working a plan in iterative steps. It addresses questions like: Why do you need Sales and Operations Planning processes? How to drive performance improvement with S&OP processes? How to ensure your sales and operations planning process is robust? Read this insightful whitepaper and make your best financial projection moving forward, and resolve to drive Sales &Operations Planning process. When you devise a plan, work it, track it and refine it, you become more organizationally stable, more competitive, less fearful and in control !! 

Sales Process Management is Driving Bottom Line Results

By: Elastic Suite

Sales Process Management (SPM) is a key functionality that can lead to increased cross-selling and up-selling opportunities, ultimately contributing to enhanced sales growth revenue.  Choosing the right solution for Sales Management Process can make a tangible and quantifiable impact on a company’s bottom line and become a key driver of company’s profitability. Elastic, a leader in providing complete and compelling B2B digital solutions, has come up with the Elastic Sales Management Process (SPM) solution, which resulted in wide adoption of Business Process Management (BPM) platforms in driving the trend towards enhanced functionality and more efficient management of the B2B sales process. What are the key trends for setting the stage for the emergence of Sales Process Management (SPM)? Which Sales Management solution/tools provide maximum sales growth? How to achieve efficiency driven cost savings across multiple dimensions of the B2B sales process? What is Elastic Sales Process Management (SPM) and what are its benefits? How can sales team efficiency improved with the adoption of SPM solution? Learn how Elastic Sales Process Management can help you create incremental revenue by cost management and maximizing sales growth opportunities.

What is

What is HR Technology Solution ?

Human resources technology solution helps in all areas of business from recruitment to retirement. HR technology improves the HR’s ability to use data in a more efficient way. The cloud for example, is a technology that has revolutionized HR technology altogether by many a ways. It has made life easier for businesses and particularly the HR department.

What is HR Automation ?

HR automation is the process to improve the efficiency of human resources departments through automating the manual human resource processes and eliminating information-centered risks. Human Resources, along with many other departments, relies upon document-driven processes to get thier work done. For example, employment contracts must be read and signed by new employees during the onboarding process.

What is Sales Cycle ?

Sales Cycle is a term that summarizes all the activities ranging from making an effective pitch to commissioning the product. It is devised to develop and design better ways of selling, attempting to make sale efforts more efficient and productive. The sales, marketing and customer service departments of an organization, play a vital role in the sales cycle.

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