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"Steps for hyper-converged systems"

Hyper-Converged Systems for the Tactical Community

Hyper-Converged Systems for the Tactical Community

White Paper: Crystal Group

Information Systems engineered for the tactical community are unique to those designed for fixed datacenters environments and shore commands.

The tactical community has a unique requirement to deliver enterprise-class network capabilities to the war-fighter, while managing resources within a highly-constrained space, weight and power envelope.

This whitepaper provides insights on the evaluation and implementation of the EMC and rugged-based software-defined and converged infrastructure into tactical environments and associated programs of record.

The purposes of this whitepaper are:

  • To demonstrate a hyper-converged architecture based on EMC software-defined storage solutions and a rugged hardware

  • To meet the challenges of implementing enterprise services within a virtualized environment in tactical environments and networks

  • To meet, exceed, and solve the challenges with space, weight, and power (SWaP) for the long-term

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