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"The Next Generation Software Testing Platform"

Transforming to a New Age of Software Testing

Transforming to a New Age of Software Testing

White Paper: Conformiq

In the new age of software testing, it is advisable to start test automation through all the transformational capabilities parallel to development.

Test Automation is transforming the testing process from the inside using unprecedented state-of-the-art technology.

This whitepaper provides comprehensive insights on the emerging software testing trends. In the new age, software testing is not just about automating test design, or any other single part of the testing process. Instead, it’s about automating how the tests are derived and designed in the first place, as well as how tests are managed and executed. It covers:

  • Real-world needs from software testing in the new age: Increased productivity, optimized coverage, Integrated test flow, Test automation, Reusability.

  • Advantages of test automation frameworks and highly-used test automation framework types

  • Why testing at the speed of development is becoming extremely crucial

  • Custom keyword automation for external testing frameworks and test automation tools

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