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"Checklist: Video surveillance"

The Video Surveillance Safety Checklist

The Video Surveillance Safety Checklist

White Paper: Eyewitness Surveillance

Video surveillance systems are complex, but with proper planning and management they do not need to create undue pressure on your department. The pressure is on to get it right so you protect your business assets and not invest into an obsolete platform.

Businesses in every industry around the world are benefiting from the use of video surveillance systems; how can your business harness these same benefits? 

This whitepaper on “The Video Surveillance Safety Checklist,” features 16 important things to keep in mind as you set up video surveillance solutions. Some of them are:

  • Choose the right surveillance security firm

  • Take into account business expansion plans to build a larger surveillance system cost-effectively

  • Know that network capabilities matter in order to select reliable, effective security surveillance

  • Don’t equate more megapixels to better security surveillance system

Now it’s easy to design and implement the video surveillance solutions necessary to secure and manage your business!

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