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"Defending Against Data Breach"

Defending Against Data Breach

Defending Against Data Breach

White Paper: Help Systems

No matter how secure your information systems appear and no matter how confident your IT staff may be, the risks of your company experiencing a data breach are real, and they continue to grow daily.

Information security breaches cost companies millions of dollars each year, and incidents continue to rise. While government and industry regulations have been implemented that penalize the company if their sensitive data is compromised, protecting against the threat of data breach is difficult. Take, for example, the multiple ways unauthorized access can occur: theft of portable devices, lost paper files and external storage devices, improper access by employees, network infiltration from outside entities, and more.

Data breach incidents are not a temporary statistical aberration, but instead represent a growing epidemic. Given the cost to both companies and their customers, it’s critical that IT teams develop a solid strategy that utilizes the most effective tools.

This white paper has several objectives.

• Examine the problems that create a higher risk for data breach.
• Explore the regulatory landscape.
• Describe the technical hurdles facing both management and IT.
‚Äč• Demonstrate how the right data encryption technologies can reduce the exposure of data theft without hampering efficient workflow.

Most importantly, this paper offers recommendations on how IT management can deploy strong security technologies to encrypt, monitor, and audit the access and use of sensitive information within an organization’s system.

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