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5 Approaches to a Consistently Evolving Security Program

"5 Approaches to a Consistently Evolving Security Program"

High level IT security management with SIEM approach

White Paper: ReliaQuest

The difficulty and the expense of IT security can place a heavy burden on enterprises and their security teams. These approaches to a consistently evolving security program can help your security team to overcome security issues.

  • The Consistency Challenge: In a constantly changing environment, ensuring effective security for the organization means asking the security team to drive consistency inside of a world of inconsistencies.

  • Evolving Security Amongst Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt: Security teams are continually seeking ways to find efficiencies that increase awareness and visibility to shift the organization from defense to prevention.

  • Security is a Team Sport: The security team needs to over-communicate the results it produces and the roadmap it is using, knowing that there isn’t necessarily going to be an end. Security is everyone’s responsibility, and it will never be finished.

Download the guide now to discover:

  • What are the 5 approaches to a consistently evolving security program?
  • How to ensure effective security for the enterprise?
  • How can security become part of the organization’s overall value drivers in the market?

High level IT security management with SIEM approach
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What is

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With ever-increasing web traffic, malwares have become rampant and more active than they ever were. Users come across digital glitches which aim at making the users system unusable. Ransoms may be demanded by hackers to let go of the deadlock on the computer. The same is the situation with companies who rely on the internet for their businesses.

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Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) is a security approach that was created by merging Security Information Management (SIM) with Security Management System (SMS). The main objective of inventing this technique is to ensure the data collected from multiple sources do not deviate from the standards or norms set by the IT security team.

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