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"Improve Patient Journey through RWE Analytics"

Accelerating the Improved Patient Journey through Real World Evidence

White Paper: SHYFT Analytics, Inc.

Why Real World Evidence (RWE) is important to drive improvements in patient outcomes?

Real World Evidence (RWE) has long been heralded as a “game changer” for the life sciences industry. Real World Evidence is the term used to describe research findings that use data that is gathered outside of standard clinical trials.

This informative whitepaper highlights the growth, importance and benefits of Real World Evidence data to the pharma industry.It addresses the questions such as:

  • Why Real World Evidence (RWE) is an important driver of decision-making in healthcare?

  • How does Real World Evidence analytics accelerate the Improved patient Journey and descision making ?

  • What are some of the main challenges in establishing Real World Evidence programs?

  • What are the ongoing data challenges and unrealized opportunities when it comes to Real World Evidence data?

  • What are the steps taken by the organizations in order to standardize the collection and structure of Real World Evidence data?


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