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"EFSS Solution for Secure Audited Email File Sharing"

Secure Audited Email File Sharing

White Paper: Storage Made Easy

Secure File Transfer over email  Reduces the Risk of Intercepted Information.

Perfect Secure audited email file sharing solution is required to send, receive, track, monitor, and audit all of your confidential files.

When selecting an EFSS solution you should look out for enterprise grade solution that can secure audited business file sharing from almost  any private  file or  storage source,  and  public file cloud, enabling business users to share files quickly, easily, and securely.

Large File Sending lets users email large files with no size restrictions, eliminating the security and compliance risks posed by file sharing services.

Whats inside this whitepaper :

How Storage Made Easy email file sharing add-in provides companies secure audited business file sharing?

How to  make  employees  more productive whilst  not  sacrificing  data  security  and  integrity with Secure audited email file sharing benefits including  audit  tracking,secure  file  sharing, remote file encryption?


Secure Audited Email File Sharing
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