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Employee Engagement

Office employees are like professional athletes

White Paper: BakkerElkhuizen

Today’s office employees are faced with the pressure of having to do increasingly more during their workday. At the same time, they are assuming more responsibilities that require more of their problem-solving and creative capabilities. Recovery is very important for pro athletes, but what does this mean for office employees? This whitepaper focuses on practical ways that organizations and their office employees can use insights gleaned from professional sports in order to improve work performance and give employees time for achieving goals in their private lives. Key takeaways from this whitepaper: Improving the performance of office employees How important is mental rest for office employees? Encouraging peak performance levels among office employees

Real-time Engagement: A Modern Approach to Better Workplaces

White Paper: HighGround

Executives, managers, and HR leaders are all overwhelmed with information about how to engage employees in a meaningful way, with countless educational sessions, webinars, books and blog posts. But engagement hasn’t changed much since it became a focus.Employee engagement should be a consistent, ongoing exercise. Read this whitepaper that illustrates: • The failure of the current approach • Why real-time engagement propels business value • The three most important pieces of successful engagement • How to drive strategy through data

Conducting An Employee Engagement Survey:Who to Survey, What to ask, When to Initiate

White Paper: Quantum Workplace

In order to effectively measure employee engagement, you need to analyze your current employee data to ensure in-depth results? Are you asking the right questions? Is your survey date optimal for employee participation? Your organization’s engagement won’t improve if you don’t do something about it. It’s time to take action.  Gather employee feedback, analyze in-depth results, and make work awesome!Read this whitepaper to know more.. Inside this whitepaper : WHO DO I SURVEY FOR THE MOST EFFECTIVE FEEDBACK? HOW DO I SET UP EMPLOYEE DATA? WHAT QUESTIONS ACCURATELY MEASURE ENGAGEMENT? WHEN IS THE BEST TIME TO SURVEY? WHO SHOULD CONDUCT MY SURVEY?

Five ways to Improve Employee Engagement

White Paper: BakkerElkhuizen

Employee engagement is directly responsible for organizational competence.  An employee, who feels connected, stays committed to the organization. The productivity graph will always measure positive with employees who willingly contribute to the growth of an institution. It is essential to create an environment of trust and respect by managers among their fellow team members to better engage employees. Companies with engaged employees see 87 percent higher retention and 200 percent more revenue generation. An organization needs to be aware of its employee’s well-being in order to administer optimum employee engagement. Find out lot more with the whitepaper that will address your concerns below: How is employee engagement impacting organizational growth?   Can communication beyond board meetings and ppt’s keep employees engaged at work? Is your employee actively furnishing input towards his work?  

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