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Container Strategy: Understanding Amazon ECS Schedulers

"Container Strategy: Understanding Amazon ECS Schedulers"

Container Strategy: Understanding Amazon ECS Schedulers

Container Strategy: Understanding Amazon ECS Schedulers

White Paper: nClouds, Inc

Most companies that have migrated to cloud are still wrestling with a container strategy—and one of the biggest decisions is which scheduler to use. Amazon ECS supports Docker containers and allows to easily run applications on a managed cluster of Amazon EC2 instances. Schedulers like ECS have all the primitives to allow any company to build similar capabilities, so small teams within the organization can rapidly add new functionality and value for customers. ECS scheduler is helpful to organizations as they develop and refine their container strategy.

This white paper discusses a solution to provide outstanding cloud capabilities—to create sustainable systems that empower business to deliver innovation faster and predictably, and an ever-improving customer experience.

Read the following whitepaper that explains:

  • What is a scheduler, and why and when do you need one?
  • What are the requirements for a functioning ECS scheduler?
  • How to provision clusters, task definitions, and service discovery?
  • How to setup Cloud, Data center, API, IAM (Identity and Access Management), DevOps, AWS, Application Load Balancer (ALB), DNS?



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