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"The Logical Data Warehouse: Leveraging Data Virtualization"

The Logical Data Warehouse

White Paper: Stone Bond Technologies

The Data Warehouse (DW) has been around some thirty years as essentially a repository forstoring corporate data. The effort to define, design, and implement new data sets in a data warehouse results in backlogs that are prohibitive to support the fast pace of today’s data needs.

Most companies will continue to use their Data Warehouse as they move to the more agile approach, but they will rely on it mostly as a historical data repository for reporting and analytics.

The Logical Data Warehouse (LDW) is a new data management architecture for analytics which combines the strengths of traditional repository warehouses with alternative data management and access strategy.

Read in this White Paper on Data Warehouse:

  • An overview on Data Virtualization for Logical Data Warehouse

  • Challenges with Classical Data Warehouse

  • A case for a new generation of data access (LDW)

  • Logical Data Warehouse for Business Intelligence

  • Leveraging Data Virtualization for next generation Data Warehouses

  • Data Virtualization for Logical Data Warehouse

The Logical Data Warehouse
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