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"Comprehensive Data Security or All Flash Arrays"

Key ways to prevent data security breaches

Key ways to prevent data security breaches

White Paper: INFINIDAT

The extensive benefits of digital technology are clear, but the risk associated can be alarming, as massive cyber attacks and data breaches affecting the well-known organizations continue to make headlines.

The issue of security is explicitly important when it comes to all-flash arrays, because external solid-state drives are more vulnerable to file-recovery attacks compared to internal drives. While most AFAs offer disk-level encryption, that is the only level of encryption they allow. If data is encrypted anywhere else,  the AFAs cannot perform data reduction and the entire economics of AFAs break. AFAs have to rely on data reduction (in a ratio between 3:1 and 6:1) to minimize the price premium to a point where it is affordable.

This white paper explores how choosing a storage array that relies heavily on data reduction limits the organization’s ability to protect its data and prevent data breaches.

Download the guide now to discover:

  • What are the two key terms that IT organizations need to consider when thinking about protecting data from hackers?

  • How are all flash arrays increasing organization's attack surface?

  • Additional benefits of encrypting up the stack

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What is

What is Data Security ?

Safeguarding digital data of databases, computers, or websites from cyber attacks or data breaches is referred to as data security. Data security is an integral part of IT organizations. It is also referred as information security and computer security. Backups, data masking, and data erasure are some of the processes that are used by IT experts to secure data.

What is cyber security ?

Cyber security is the body of technologies and process which practices protection of network, computers, data and programs from unauthorized access, cyber threats, attacks or damages. It deals with controlling physical access to hardware alongside protecting harm coming via network access and code injection. The sole purpose of cyber security is to defend the integrity of computing assets belonging to or connecting to an organization’s network.

What is Hacker ?

Hacker is a colloquial term for a skilled programmer and a computer enthusiast. The term ‘hacker’ is used in a pejorative sense in today’s world. The media and popular culture has cooped this term to refer to individuals with extensive computer knowledge whose primary objective is to gain unauthorized access to computer systems and internet security for the sole purpose of breaking into systems and access software without paying royalties.

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