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"Nine Reasons to Make the Move"

Nine Reasons IBM Sees a Shift to the Cloud

White Paper: Secure Infrastructure and Services

Moving your computing infrastructure to the cloud has countless benefits for your business including increased productivity and mobilized workforce capability, Infrastructure-as-a-Service, and cloud backup and disaster recovery solutions.

With Cloud Computing becoming more widely utilized, it is important for organizations to understand ways to maximize benefits and minimize risks of moving to the cloud.

There is a long list of reasons how computing model can benefit businesses . This whitepaper on ''Cloud computing'' describes the top nine reasons you should consider when moving your business infrastructure to the cloud:


  • Lower Operating Costs: Eliminates being charged the same as another organization that uses more computing power or storage space in order to move to the cloud

  • Scalability: Enables an organization to easily scale up or down as their business needs grow or change while migrating to the cloud.

  • Advanced Technology: Helping SMBs to keep up with the latest and greatest technology to best serve their clients

  • Rapid Implementation: Implementation is an essentially turnkey for the enterprises when moving to the cloud

Download this informative whitepaper that comprehensively details the significant benefits of Cloud Computing and the reasons for switching your Infrastructure to the cloud based business model.

Nine Reasons IBM Sees a Shift to the Cloud
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