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"Buyers Guide to Edge Infrastructure Management Solutions"

Buyers Guide to Edge Infrastructure Management Solutions

Buyers Guide to Edge Infrastructure Management Solutions

White Paper: Schneider Electric

The New Era of Edge Computing

It is fair to say that Edge computing is becoming a new norm alongside the traditional centralized data center.

“Edge computing delivers the decentralized complement to today’s hyperscale cloud and legacy data centers.” Gartner - The Edge Completes the Cloud: A Gartner Trend Insight Report, 14 September 2018.

As the Edge moves from a buzzword to a tangible computing ecosystem that needs resources, tools, and love, more and more questions around monitoring and management of distributed IT equipment arise.

While familiar with critical facility management, many of the IT, facilities and data center managers with whom we speak are still figuring out how they will manage remote, increasingly critical, edge computing environments.

• “Do we need a new tool to manage our edge infrastructure, or can we make do with what we already have?”
• “If we do need a tool, which one?”
• “And how to choose the right one?”

Whether this is your first time looking for an IT infrastructure management solution, or you’re looking to expand your organization’s existing capabilities, this guide will provide you with experts’ advice to make the best possible choice. We’ve done our best to create a resource that’s relevant regardless of size, industry or maturity.

We’ve tried to keep this guide vendor-agnostic, but, because we’ve been helping IT managers like you for over 30 years, we’ve selectively sprinkled in links to tools that might be helpful if you want to dig deeper on certain questions.

We hope you find it helpful!

This guide shares the key steps companies should take before buying and deploying an edge infrastructure management solution.

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