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Accelerate Development: Pre-Integrated Systems Meet Expanding Defense System Needs

Accelerate Development: Pre-Integrated Systems Meet Expanding Defense System Needs

White Paper: Kontron

Choosing the right profile maximizes the value of pre-integrated systems, and provides a smart, streamlined design path for OEMs and developers. Pre-integrated systems based on COM Express Computer- on-Modules (COMe COMs) deliver a critical small form factor design advantage for a host of military and aerospace applications.

By offering a slate of upgradable, rugged options in a ready-to-use small form factor platform, systems capitalize on carrier board attributes blended with the flexibility of mezzanine options, enabling a powerful competitive advantage in mil/aero system design.

This informative whitepaper brings you the solutions to the always-present question of design vs. build and how to quickly and economically meet Proof of Concept (PoC) requirements. It also focuses on:

  • Evaluating Build vs. Buy Dilemma

  • Establishing Profiles Fuel Maximum Design Efficiency

  • Storage Profile, Situational Awareness Profile and Server Profile

  • Adding Flexible Value with XMC and mPCIe Mezzanines

  • Smart Profile Choices Keeping Pace with Mil/Aero Initiatives

Download this whitepaper to learn how the pre-integrated systems meet expanding military program application needs.

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